NTR Service commitment

Established in 1976 we lead the field in the repair and reconditioning of pocketed cutting tools. Our continual commitment to process and product improvement means that as tooling technology has advanced so have we. Today, NTR are proud to offer you a complete tool room service covering all your cutting tool requirements.

  1. Rapid Response Service –We offer a rapid response service providing a 24-hour or five-day turnaround, dependent upon need.
  2. Provision of Spares –In most cases a wide range of spares from leading manufacturers can be provided for those customers wishing to have tools built up on return.
  3. Tooling Modification– NTR can also undertake a variety of pocket modifications to suit all types of inserts, cutting diameters and other critical dimensions.

A premium applies.

Call Rachel on Tel: 01937 845 112 to find out more.

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